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Discover Damdoum, your go-to app for immersive MENA edutainment. Engage in the thrill of learning, celebrate your culture, and collect rewards along the way. Embark on this exciting adventure today!

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A Fusion of Fun and Knowledge

Discover the essence of fun and wisdom with Damdoum’s curated games. Engage in puzzles and adventures that challenge your mind and expand your knowledge, all in one place.

Engaging Challenges:
Every game is a new challenge, inviting you to apply your knowledge in creative and unexpected ways.
Cultural Insights:
Embark on virtual tours through global and MENA cultures, uncovering history and traditions that broaden your perspectives.
Brain Boosters:
Elevate your cognitive abilities with games tailored to enhance memory, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
Fresh Adventures:
Our constantly evolving library ensures there's always something new to explore, keeping your curiosity piqued and engagement high.

Play, Earn, Redeem

Unlock Rewards with Every Play

Collect Points:
Earn points with every game you conquer. The more you play, the more you gain.
Diverse Rewards:
Choose from an extensive selection of rewards. Whether it's cash or coupons, the choice is yours.
Exclusive Brand Offers:
Benefit from our partnerships with esteemed brands. Your points unlock exclusive deals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

    • 1. What is Damdoum?

      Damdoum is a mobile application with a focus on gamification, developed by WeaveLines Studio. It provides a collection of engaging games where users can play and earn points.

    • 2. How does Damdoum work?

      Players can earn points by playing various games available within the app. These points can be accumulated and later exchanged for rewards offered by WeaveLines Studio's partners and clients.

    • 3. How can I accumulate points?

      Earn points by playing games and achieving high scores. The better you perform in each game, the more points you can accumulate.

    • 4. What is Games Section?

      The Games Section features a variety of games designed to challenge and entertain players. From strategy to action, each game offers a unique way to accumulate points and enhance your gaming experience.

    • 5. How can I exchange my points for rewards?

      Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for rewards. This is subject to the availability of rewards in stock, provided by WeaveLines Studio's partners and clients.

    • 6. What types of rewards are available?

      Rewards include digital items, such as codes, discount coupons, or recharge cards, and physical items, like electronic gadgets and gift vouchers.

    • 7. Can I exchange my rewards for cash?

      No, rewards obtained through Damdoum cannot be monetized or exchanged for cash, goods, or services outside of the app.

    • 8. How can I join Damdoum?

      Download and install the app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei Store. Create a user account and accept the terms and conditions to start playing.

    • 9. What about the privacy of my data?

      WeaveLines Studio respects your data privacy and processes personal information in accordance with data protection laws. See the privacy policy for details on data collection and use.

    • 10. How can I get help if I have an issue?

      Contact the Damdoum team via email at [email protected] for assistance with any issues or questions.

    • 11. Can I share my rewards with others?

      Rewards from Damdoum are personal and cannot be shared, exchanged, or transferred to other users.

    • 12. Can I participate in Damdoum multiple times?

      Yes, you can play the games multiple times. However, daily limits on the number of points you can earn may apply.

    • 13. Who can participate in the game?

      Anyone with a mobile phone can participate, except for employees of WeaveLines Studio and their close relatives.